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Grease traps in a truck CTA-8

Excellent grease trap service

With our grease trap service you can know that you will meet all individual county codes. Wells Septic keeps all individual tanks sematic spec sheets on file.


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It is essential to maintain your grease traps

Let us schedule you for regular service on your grease traps. Wells Septic can offer regular maintenance and cleaning of your grease traps. Grease traps are standard in most restaurants per health and safety codes.


Southsides LARGEST Grease Trap Manufacturer.

What can be done for you

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•   Epoxy coatings available

•   Waterproofing available

•   750 pounds - 3,000 Gallon tanks

•   Steel hole rings

•   Steel hole covers

•   Oil grill separators

•   Pre - casting tanks

•   Grease control sampling chamber

•   Traffic lids

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