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Serving Spalding County, GA and Surrounding Areas


Let us show you we care

Wells Septic is here to give you quality service and experience, you can know that your septic system repair, maintenance or installation is in the hands of the best.

Keep that septic tank working properly

Call Wells Septic to schedule regular times for us to come out and pump your septic tank. We can even remind you when it is time for us to come out again. Let us inspect your tank and then take it from there.


Our experienced crew will give you a letter of inspection about the condition of your and set you up for us to service it again.

Who get's septic tanks pumped?

Set Up Your Inspection Today!

•   Commercial properties

•   Residential properties

•   Restaurants

•   Towns

•   Schools


Pumping makes the tank last

•   Keeps tank from rotting

•   Protect soil absorption from clogging tank

•   Removes solids from wastewater

•   Empties the sludge and scum

•   Gives septic tank a longer life

Grease traps

or Septic Tanks questions?

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